Concreted 2.

Concreted 2

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Concreted is a store of street and sportswear, boards and accessories of major world brands, as well as the brand for the production of its own clothing line.

In this project, we wanted to reflect the ideology of street movements in their modern interpretation, owning the idea of freedom, independence, free from the stereotypes and ordinariness. To create a unique brand for active, stylish and progressive youth, united by one passion and one outlook.

Thus, we have developed an experimental non-commercial concept of the corporate style of the brand and the store Concreted, created the style of the online store as a whole and a mobile version of the site.

In the concept of the online store, we followed the general style of the brand, creating on its basis bright promo pages of the site and more restrained, lightweight and simple in perception pages of the store itself.

The interface is presented in a dark and light version with the possibility to switch the user of a certain mode in order to achieve the most comfortable perception of the content for each individual visitor.

In addition to the main version of the site, we have worked on its mobile version, preserving all the functionality and comfortable navigation.

Shoom Studio has developed the concept of corporate identity of the brand and the design of its own products Concreted.

Style, originality, audacity - these are the components that symbolize the image of the brand.

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