Catch 2.

Catch 2

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Catch is a coworking space and education platform. It is a space for a community of thinkers, achievers and imagineers.

Catch offer a creative working environments for startup, young entrepreneurs and freelancers and also online and offline education platform for all individuals in the field of business supported by excellent training, products and services.

The concept of the navigation system and the zoning principles were based on the previously developed identity and the Catch building itself, divided into two sections: the section of coworking spaces Catch.Coworking (Section A) and the section of education spaces Catch.Coaching (Section B).

Each of the sections, in accordance with the concept of brand identity, has its own color scheme and graphic designation, which visually divides the entire infrastructure of the building and makes navigation in the space intuitive.

In order to ensure the ease of perception of information, we have developed a pictographic navigation system.

Within the framework of the created concept, we have developed all the main elements of the wayfinding system and signage. We worked out the design of the graphic design of internal and external spaces with its visual demonstration in an isometric projection.

Ultimately, within the framework of this work, we translated the developed principles of identity into the external environment, created a functional wayfinding system and a conceptual solution for the Catch complex with the design of its internal and external spaces of the two main sections.

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